Friday, July 22, 2011

Why I Sing

Why I sing?
I am a creative artist with many interests.  I developed my love for singing at a young age from singing as I stood next to my family in church.  Most if not all of the creative ability I have developed in my life comes from being in tune with nature and others.  That is part the Holy Spirit that is present with me and helps form the lyrics and melodies of song.  Being in tune with others is a form of caring or love as being in tune with nature is a love of creation.  I feel that is present in the soul of my voice.  Music is many things to me.  Singing for me is often a way to reinvigorate my soul at points of exhaustion.  Often this takes the form of retranslations of music or expressions of activities I have just accomplished- a way to solidify a memory of an activity or event.  A form of story telling in preservation of what it is I have just accomplished.  A way to summarize a day.  A way to prepare for a new day by having a last word for one that is fading.  A celebration of creation.  A creative way to express the soul or spirit with me.  To let soul or spirit, with me, join in expression and sometimes; to cast out soul or spirit that is with me.  To realize a nostalgia to an earlier time in my life.  To cast a humorous light on spirit that refuses to grow and change.  To transform soul or spirit with me.  To say that I am me?  To recognize where there is difference.  To harmonize with others and nature.  To celebrate the works of others.  To maintain the belief that, work is prayer.
       Thomas Paul Murphy

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